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  • August 15-23
Online & In Your Community
, WA
This event is free

Presented by:

  • Women In Design (WID) - AIA Seattle

  • Team: Tara Brooks, Emilia Cabeza De Baca, Yue Chen, Miranda Karli, Liz Szatko, Genevieve Theriault, and Michelle Yates

    This time is one of undeniable environmental, economic, social, and biological adversity. This time is also one for developing new identities and communities by renegotiating boundaries and comfort levels. Women in Design (WID) is a sub-committee of AIA Seattle, representing women in the design and engineering professions. WID has drawn from members’ personal quarantine experiences to create a scavenger hunt Bingo game of fun activities involving public and private lives, independence, creativity, and stewardship. The goal is to promote exploration of our communities and ourselves while contributing to a healthy, happy city.

    Bingo cards with prompts will be available online and through local public fora. These activities follow Universal Design principles, meaning they can be done by the widest range of users and allow individuals to make comfortable adaptations. Our hope is that men, women, and folk of all ages will join. This experience offers a platform to share and listen to each other’s stories. Each challenge acting as a stanza in their poem, a declaration in their manifesto, a post for their feed.

    Participants may share pictures, sketches, or videos of their endeavors through email, social media, in their home, or with friends 6 feet/2 meters apart.

    Instagram: @wid.sdf2020

    Facebook: WomenInDesignSeattle


    Following these activities, there will be a virtual Zoom “get-together” (August 20) where players and WID can share the narratives they’ve crafted through their experiences.

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