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  • August 15-23, 2020
Center for Architecture & Design
1010 Western Avenue, Seattle WA 98104
This event is free

2020 is a big year. The Seattle Design Festival is turning 10!

Our anniversary comes at a pivotal moment in time, for our city and our world. This year’s festival theme, About Time, ponders our past, present, and future, and seeks opportunities to act – and to celebrate – at this unique moment in time.

In the 10 years since the festival began, our city and our world have experienced dramatic change. What can design be proud of over the last decade, and what should we celebrate? What opportunities have we missed, what paths did we not take, and how is that impacting us now?

Today, we each experience the hours and minutes differently, yet we all feel the need for more of them. How do we balance our fast-moving world with our need to slow down, think, and reflect? Where should we be investing our time now to build fulfilling lives in the future?

Moving forward, environmental stress, political polarization, the stresses of growth, social and economic inequities — all demand urgent action. What will the next decade hold, and how should design respond? How do we want to be remembered?

Seattle Design Festival
August 15-23, 2020
Block Party August 15-16 @ Lake Union Park