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10:00AM - 7:00PM
Lake Union Park
860 Terry Ave N, Seattle WA 98109
This event is free

Presented by:

  • DLR Group

  • Team: Nathaniel Gundersen, Haley Wilson, Van Stanek, Mae Murphy, Austin Gutierrez, Leon Holloway, Lorraine Leslie, Jessica Crandall

    Passage represents the process of emerging, an invitation to transformation carried through a sequence of space. The Passage is experienced as a channel that questions how the built environment, often encountered as a static object, can be reimagined as an alive and active form. It is an invitation to consider how design can speak to the life infused within the structures we inhabit and how designers can transform their practices to employ the full spectrum of living materials in the spaces and places we create. Passage strives to explore the extent to which materiality can mold with human and nonhuman interactions within space.

    Mushrooms from all stages of life are embedded within the structure to delve into the nonhuman elements. From beginning to end, the mushrooms’ capacity for regeneration symbolizes the chaos of transformation and emergence so familiar and prevalent with current times. Mushrooms are a source of sustenance, healing, and connection. Each hooded stalk of fungi emerges alone interconnected through mycelial networks, a network covering thirty percent of the Earth’s surface in its entirety, providing rich nutrients for the Earth. The decompositional process is critical in the mushroom life cycle, a time of life and death focused on rehabilitation and care. The chaos associated with death does not mean loss but rather a recycling of energy and the rebirth of something new.

    Like mushrooms, we stand alone, but we also stand together, witnessing the chaos of creation emerging through time. Let us not forget that we, too, are deeply rooted in the ground we stand on, and those roots connect us to the whole of the world. We pass through pain and loss together, yet we emerge to pick up the pieces and reconstruct something new. Passage is a vessel to investigate the continuous life cycle and our role within it. Participants are encouraged to traverse through the installation and explore the extent of material, mushroom, and mind within the beautiful Seattle landscape.