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6:00PM - 9:00PM
DLR Group
51 University St #600, Seattle WA 98101
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  • Design in Public

  • Our world is always advancing through new technology, a more interconnected global society, and larger challenges that humanity faces everyday. As our society shifts, it’s important to prepare ourselves and the next generation to think critically and creatively when confronted with such rapidly changing landscapes. How we teach ourselves and others about what design is and how design works to solve problems is a key step to preparing for the future.

    This Design Discussion focuses on bringing together a diverse group of designers willing to share their experiences teaching design and interdisciplinary art and their perspectives on how creative problem solving knowledge is POWER. Expect a collaborative night of discussing what knowledge really means, how we might define design, and working through examples of how to apply design thinking.

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    Knowledge is POWER Panelists:
    Sergio Daliva | Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana
    Research professor at UAM. Master of arts by the Aalto university in Helsinki, in combination with the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Working experience in Nokia Finland and in the Design museums of Helsinki and Amsterdam. Seven years leading the Studio Vivencia and teaching Design in Mexico City.

    Robert Bonniol | MODE Architectural, Inc.
    Bob Bonniol is a Director and Production Designer. He is known for his implementation of extensive media and interactive features in his productions.
    Currently he is the Creative Director for the massive renovation of The Core at General Motor’s World Headquarters in Detroit. The installation features the largest permanent interactively driven LED screen array on earth.

    George Zatloka | DesignArt and Technology Studio
    I feel truly happy that design is giving me decades of success in Europe and in the US, to create lasting solutions, designing methods, objects, devices. Working on all phases of projects in wide spectrum of fields as entrepreneur, employee, freelancer, speaker, doing research and development, universal design, lean design and manufacturing, failure analysis, education, consultation. Among many accomplishments, George is the founder and senior consultant at DesignArt and Technology Studio, a poly-disciplinary innovation foundation.

    ARTiFACTS Collective
    Carol Rashawnna | K-Love4art + Gallery 110
    Carol Rashawnna Williams is a Professional Artist, Executive Director of K-Love4art, Director at Gallery 110 and Program Administrator at the Historical Central Arts Area Cultural District – Carol Utilizes Art Methodologies for Pro-Active Change in Education, Business and for Environmental Stewardship. She has worked in the Employment, Education and Art Fields for 20 years and has a MA degree in Organizational Systems Renewal with an emphasis in Organizational Design, Consulting & Systems Theories: Leadership & Diversity. She is the Co-founder of Race and Climate Justice which provides bi-monthly free community trainings and ARTifACTS an artists collaborative.

    Camella Cooper | ARTifACTS Collective
    Camella Cooper is a case manager for a credit retrieval high school in the south end of Seattle. An advocate of embodiment, Camella holds a degree in Theater and an MA in Education, she has encouraged high school students to be in their bodies and be empowered by it. She has been working ARTifACTS, a collective that explores looking into our descendants and ancestors reactions to how we currently cage young people in juvenile detention.

    Beverly Naidus | UW Tacoma
    Beverly Naidus is an interdisciplinary artist, activist and educator, known for her interactive, site-specific installations to provoke dialog and storytelling. She facilitated the community-based, eco-art project, Eden Reframed, on Vashon Island (WA). Using permaculture design as a guiding theory, the project includes a demonstration of soil remediation, a food forest and a community story hive. Other topics addressed in intermedia projects exhibited internationally include environmental illness, climate change, nuclear nightmares, unemployment, racism, body image and visions for the future. She is the author of Arts for Change: Teaching Outside the Frame, a narrative collage that explores the motivations for teaching and making art for social change and includes the stories of 33 other practitioners. She has been a teaching artist in several New York City museums and a visiting artist/lecturer at Carleton College, Goddard College, Hampshire College and the Institute for Social Ecology. She has had tenure at California State University, Long Beach and the University of Washington, Tacoma. She facilitates a unique, interdisciplinary, socially engaged, studio art curriculum at the latter campus. Her collective, ARTifACTs, is developing a series of collaborative and interactive projects with the theme, “We Almost Didn’t Make It” that deals with our uncertainties about the future from the perspective of our descendants. Her website is

    Facilitator: Celine Rosak | Design Thinking & Innovation Collective