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  • Introduction

    Our world is witnessing a time of record migration and displacement. According to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, there are now more than 60 million forcibly displaced people worldwide, the result of persecution, conflict, violence or human rights violations.

    Cities are on the front lines of this global crisis. Sixty to seventy percent of displaced people now live in cities. As the number of urban displaced persons grows, so does the moral imperative to welcome and embrace them.

    While immigrants and refugees face many challenges in their new urban communities – language, access to services, employment and housing, cultural barriers – they also bring new energy to our cities and economy. Their success is our success.

    The competition called for game-changing proposals providing urban design solutions that promote belonging, dignity and resilience for immigrants and refugees navigating the challenges of urban life in their local community. The competition sought out proposals that explicitly demonstrated a solid understanding of the needs and challenges of immigrants and refugees that is informed by a partnership with an immigrant or refugee service organization, NGO, non-profit and/or supported by substantial data and research. Further submission details can be found in the requirements section of the Competition Brief.

  • Submissions Closed

    The deadline to submit proposals was July 1, 2018.

  • Winners

    Comparte/lo Simple by Juan Manuel Garcia Alvarez & Mariana Santibañez Pantoja is a conceptual solution of a network of safety and information hubs to support migrants moving through Mexico from Honduras and Central America, providing for basic human needs, access to vital information, and involving migrants in exploring what safety means. View submittal.


    Seattle Resource Hubs | Connect + Access by Sundberg Kennedy Ly-Au Young Architects is a conceptual project idea using uninspired physical spaces at regional transit centers and in the urban core, like parking garages, to create centers for face-to-face interactions among and with refugee and immigrant communities with resources, information, and opportunities. View submittal.


    Cuiseen by Benjamin Ku is the idea of using a food truck training program as cultural story-telling through food and as a structure that helps build future opportunities. View submittal.




    Displaced Handbook by Clemente Miller, Wendy Greenberg, Daniel Lee, and Ricki Xie in partnership with World Relief is a proposal for a physical handbook and digital app about key needs and services a displaced person might need navigating a new city. View submittal.



    Rose Triangle Commons by Juliana Hom and Mo Li is a studio project proposing the creation of a neighborhood cultural and transportation hub on a currently awkward leftover lot in the Rainier Valley neighborhood of Seattle. View submittal.



    View all submittals here.

  • Prizes

    First Prize – $7,500 USD

    Second Prize – $3,000 USD

    Third Prize – $2,000 USD

    Honorable Mention – $1,500 USD

    Student – $1,000

    Winners were announced at the annual Seattle Design Festival, the largest design event in the Pacific Northwest gathering 30,000 attendees annually. Winners and select entries will be exhibited in Seattle, Washington at the Center for Architecture & Design. Winning entries will be featured online and in print publication.

  • Timeline

    April 17 – Competition Opened

    May 15 – Early bird registration ended

    July 1 – Competition Closed

    July 19 – Jury deliberation

    Sept. 18 – Winners Announced

    Dec. – Feb. 2019 – Winners Exhibited

  • Jury Members

    Headshots of jury members

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