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  • ByDesign 2019

    March 15 – 17, 2019; 4 Films, 2 Events

    Design in Public is honored to co-present the 19th annual ByDesign Festival, held March 15–17, in partnership with Northwest Film Forum (NWFF). Over the course of a weekend, every space within NWFF will be activated by programs centered on design and architecture, including short and feature films, performances, hands-on generative workshops, and a design faire featuring local makers. This year’s festival will also integrate with NWFF and DiP’s core missions and visions, by focusing on societal growth and community-building—as viewed through the lens of design-centered thinking.

    Opening Night features a screening of Endless Letterpress, complete with Argentinian filmmaker Pablo Pivetta in attendance, and a live demo by Expedition Press and related workshops in typography and moving image. A design faire and short film program, open to the public during Saturday and Sunday afternoon, will lead into evening film programs, as well as a lecture on sculptural design objects and 100 Year Plan—a hypercolored multidisciplinary performance, both presented by LA artists Bailey Hikawa and Scotty Wagner.

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  • Screenings + Events

    March 15 at 6pm
    ByDesign 2019 – Participatory Letterpress Demonstration with Expedition Press

    Join Expedition Press in the NWFF lobby for a participatory letterpress demonstration before and after the screening of Endless Letterpress! Run by artist Myrna Keliher, Expedition Press is a poetry publisher and letterpress printshop in Kingston, WA making art, books, and broadsides that showcase text and type. Their mission is to deepen regard for language and to increase access to poetry.

    March 15 at 7:30pm
    ByDesign 2019 – Endless Letterpress – Los Últimos + Opening Night Party
    (Pablo Pivetta & Nicolás Rodríguez Fuchs, Argentina, 2018, 68 min)

    Facing the deterioration of old machines and the advance of new technologies, printing presses in Argentina are on the verge of closing up shop. When a group of young enthusiasts rediscovers typeset printing—a trade that has always been passed down from master to apprentice—will the last graphic mechanic in the country be able to teach these young outsiders the craft? Will this historically significant technique withstand the passage of time?

    March 16 at 2:30pm
    Text Tutorials in After Effects – Workshop

    Breathe life into your words! Become acquainted with the broad capabilities of Adobe After Effects and its powerful text animation engine. This workshop will cover many approaches to animating in and out of your type design, as well as demonstrate how text animators can be used creatively to achieve unconventional results. No experience required, but basic familiarity with After Effects a plus. Recommended for anyone who wishes to animate text or bring their film credits, title cards, and word-centric graphic elements to the next level. Taught by professional motion designer and digital colorist Jordan Becke.

    March 16 at 5pm
    ByDesign 2019 – 100 Year Plan by Emotional.Store
    (50 min)

    100 Year Plan is a dystopian response to participating in the producer economy in the age of automation take-over. This live-cinema experience presents a performance of an online video in RL in which two “creatives” risk everything for digital success. Emotional.Store is the collaborative duo of artists Scotty Wagner and Bailey Hikawa. Through comedic storytelling, magical language, and technological seduction, Emotional.Store projects weave audience members through a viscerally weird conversation around the interplay between systems that drive technological progress and the phenomenology of engagement in a digitally and physically hybridized world.

    March 16 at 7:30pm
    ByDesign 2019 – SuperDesign: Italian Radical Design 1965-1975
    (Francesca Molteni, Italy, 2017, 62 min)

    The mid-1960s represented a revolutionary time when the need for change pervaded all aspects of life in the Western world. It was a time of political violence, terrorism, and on an artistic level, a time of ‘positive turbulence.’ As the creativity of industrialists and designers swelled, Italy became a global focus for design. Through the words and stories of 19 revolutionary designers, SuperDesign retraces the history and the heritage of the Italian Radical Movement. These architects, designers, and curators take us back to a time when everything seemed possible, to find that the dreams, utopias, ideologies, and passions that permeated their professional practice and art practice are still alive today.

    March 17 at 5pm
    (Žanete Skarule, Latvia & China, 2017, 56 min)

    A dreamer by nature, Chinese businessman Quanqi Zhu embarks on developing a unique building at the hillside of Sacred Mount Song in China’s central Henan Province. Despite the language barrier, Zhu’s best companion is Latvian architect Austris Mailitis. As the construction of the ambitious structure begins, the architect and the businessman have to levitate between cultural differences, conventions and personal and professional ambitions.

    March 17 at 7:30pm
    ByDesign 2019 – Brasília: Life After Design
    (Bart Simpson, Canada, Brazil, UK, 2017, 88 min)

    Located 2,000 kilometers from the Amazon Rainforest and 18 hours from Rio de Janeiro, lies the planned city of Brasília, the capital of Brazil—a mythical place of concrete utopia born out of the desert.

    In 1956 at the rebirth of Brazilian democracy, visionary architect Oscar Niemeyer and urbanist Lúcio Costa envisioned a city that attempted to micromanage the daily activities of human life. The unabashed goal was to create a city that would birth “the new Brazilian citizen.” Presently, the stark beauty of the imposing architecture acts as a backdrop to human isolation, changing cultural values, and the power dynamics and politics of contemporary Brazil.

    Director Bart Simpson will be in attendance for a Q&A following the screening.

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