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Leadership Spotlight – Sarah Haase

Sarah is an architect interested in designing and advocating for a socially and culturally conscious built environment. A generalist and a strategist, Sarah believes the best designs come from deeply engaging with the users and context of the projects’ communities and environment. Her current work falls under the umbrella of community-based design, with clients such as public housing authorities, non-profit affordable housing developers, social service providers, and public transit agencies.

Originally from Germany, Sarah moved to Seattle after graduating with her B.Arch and Minor in Leadership and Social Change from Virginia Tech. Sarah’s past projects include designing and building a carbon fiber biomimetic research pavilion, developing collaborative workplace strategies for a cancer research facility, detailing the Masjid al-Haram expansion in Makkah, and theorizing sustainable Olympic Park legacies. Outside of her work with Schemata Workshop and the Seattle Design Festival, she is active in the Seattle Architecture Foundation Youth Workshops and the Housing Development Consortium.

Q: TRUST in design is… 

A: nurtured through an honest and respectful relationship between the user and designer.

Q: By design, a sanctuary city is…

A: a place where every inhabitant can TRUST in their community groups, public services, municipalities, and neighbors to serve and welcome them regardless of nationality and immigration status.

Q: I am involved with Design in Public because…

A: the built environment has a huge influence on how people interact, feel, and connect. I am passionate about facilitating public discourse on the power and responsibility of design, designers, and design influencers.

Q: What design object or story most strongly influenced your interest in design?

A: Do Legos count as a design object?

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